Women Against Walker Call on Rebecca Kleefisch to Apologize for Use of Slur Against Kathleen Falk

Mar 25, 2012


MADISON – Following is the statement of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s “Women Against Walker” group, in response to Rebecca Kleefisch’s use of an anti-woman slur against gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk.

“This weekend, extremist Scott Walker apologist Rebecca Kleefisch used deplorable language to describe Kathleen Falk, using the term “sugar daddy.” This vulgar term has been used to demean women for years and, considering that Kleefisch has expressed outrage over language used against her, we find it especially ironic that she cannot see fit to use the same standard she applies to others.

What is almost as offensive as her out-of-bounds rhetoric, for which she must apologize, is how she ignores the harm that Scott Walker’s policies have done to women, on everything from reproductive health to equal pay. Rebecca Kleefisch looks to be a willing soldier in Scott Walker’s war against women, using harmful words to cover up Walker’s harmful policies.”