ICYMI: New Revelations in Corruption Probe Show Large Scott Walker Role

Mar 26, 2012

MADISON-New revelations in the John Doe criminal corruption probe of Scott Walker show that two more close aides were involved in potentially criminal activity.

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Six Walker confidantes and aides have been charged with felonies in the growing probe, with two convictions, and Scott Walker himself has established a criminal defense fund.

Virtually every member of Walker’s political inner circle has been named in the criminal complaints, which allege a pattern of Walker corruption that began during his time in Milwaukee and almost certainly continued during his time in Madison.

“Scott Walker is at the center of a criminal conspiracy that has touched every member of his political inner circle,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “These new revelations give no comfort to the people of Wisconsin who fear that he has imported this corruption from Milwaukee to Madison.”