Walkergate: WisDems Unveil First TV Ad of Recall Scott Walker Campaign

Feb 26, 2012

Ad Highlights Parallels Between the Criminal Investigation into Scott Walker’s Administration and Nixon’s Watergate Scandal

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today unveiled their first television ad of the recall campaign with a spot highlighting the eery parallels between Nixon’s Watergate scandal and the John Doe criminal corruption probe eating through Scott Walker’s current and former administration.

“Our thirty-second television spot notes the similarities between the Watergate scandal that resulted in Richard Nixon resigning in disgrace, and the vast criminal network being uncovered by the ongoing John Doe criminal corruption probe,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “This ad will run in multiple markets across Wisconsin and will represent a rolling-buy supported by the small-dollar donations that have sustained our effort — in stark contrast to the sleazy piles of corporate cash on which Walker relies and, ironically, which highlight our belief that at the core of our “Walkergate” scandal is the idea that rules need not apply.”

Watch the new television advertisement at http://www.WalkerInvestigation.com/TV

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Newscaster: All of this happening in your office, so close to where you were sitting, how could you not know this was happening?

Walter Cronkite: Events have been rushing toward one seemingly inevitable conclusion

Newscaster: Governor Walker’s aides were charged criminally yesterday

Newscast from Watergate Scandal: Police arrested five men in the Watergate

Newscaster: Embezzled money

Newscaster: Misconduct in office

Newscaster: Missing funds

Newscaster: Felonies

Walter Cronkite: High-level campaign of political sabotage

Newscaster: The investigation is getting closer to Governor Walker

Sen. Howard Baker: What did the President know and when did he first know it

Newscaster: What did Scott Walker know and when did he know it?

Title: www.WalkerInvestigation.com

Watch the new television advertisement at http://www.WalkerInvestigation.com/TV