Scott Walker's Recall Fraud

Feb 26, 2012

 Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the failure by the Scott Walker campaign to invalidate recall petition signatures.

“After months of bellyaching, obfuscation and hysterical claims by his Tea Party allies, Scott Walker is now acknowledging his total failure in producing credible evidence that would stop his recall.

He now says that he knew all along that the process would succeed, but that didn’t stop him and his allies from making irresponsible claims involving Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler and neither did it stop the press from breathlessly reporting on these unbelievable conspiracies.
Walker’s campaign had millions of dollars, months of preparation and triple the time statutorily required and even with all these advantages, he failed.

Scott Walker has raised millions of unregulated, unlimited campaign cash ostensibly for the purposes of challenging the recall and instead has used it on television ads in another act of blaring dishonesty.

It is a sad fact that, even now, faced with a growing criminal corruption probe, a recall election and the exposure of his hidden agenda, Scott Walker cannot speak honestly with the people of Wisconsin.
It is not the grassroots recall process that was fraught with fraud. The real fraud here has been Scott Walker.”