Scott Walker Returns to the Milwaukee County Courthouse

Feb 05, 2012

MADISON-Scott Walker was returning Monday to the Milwaukee County Courthouse, not as executive but as a figure in an ongoing criminal corruption probe that has ensnared current and former top aides.

Walker announced late Friday his “voluntary” meeting with prosecutors, which came after a week in which three more top figures were said to be testifying to the secret John Doe proceeding.

To advise his “voluntary” meeting, Walker has retained high-powered, and presumably high-dollar, criminal defense counsel specializing in white collar crimes. The services of these two lawyers come in addition to the more than $60,000 Walker’s campaign has already spent on legal fees related to the John Doe.

Walker has given conflicting and self-serving responses to his role in various of the crimes alleged, including evidence that a secret computer network was set up just feet from his office door to evade the law.

At one point, Walker and his political allies had sharp words for executives whose underlings have been accused of crimes. That tone has softened of late, as Walker himself is now smack in the middle of a criminal corruption investigation.

“Once upon a time, Scott Walker had harsh words for a governor even when he was separated by miles from a low-level official who was accused of crimes. Today, Scott Walker himself walks into the Milwaukee County Courthouse as a figure in a corruption probe that has involved his top lieutenants and longtime political allies,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Scott Walker has not been candid with the people of Wisconsin about many things. We trust that today he will be more forthcoming when speaking to prosecutors investigating the criminal culture he has promoted.”