Rep. Ribble Unwilling to Support Bill Against Insider Trading

Feb 05, 2012

MADISON – While an astounding 282 U.S. Representatives have signed on as authors of a bill that would put an end to lawmakers using insider knowledge of Congress to buy and sell stocks for great profit, there are just a handful of legislators who do not support the measure. And among them is Wisconsin Representative Reid Ribble, who even refused to comment on banning insider trading.

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have stood up to support the bill after a recent report exposing the conflicts of interest aired on “60 Minutes.”

So what is Congressman Ribble trying to hide?

“Congressman Rep. Ribble’s silent opposition to banning insider trading in Congress raises a number of questions: Why is he against a bill that encourages honesty and transparency? What is he hiding?” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Congressman Ribble’s silence speaks volumes that he is part of the problem in Washington and favors back-room, secretive deals that further distances him financially from those he was elected to represent.”

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