"Ready, Set – Grift!" New Scott Walker Program Makes Work for Cronies

Feb 13, 2012

In a desperate bid to hide Wisconsin’s continued jobs loss and after the failure of two “jobs sessions” and venture capital legislation that was supposed to be the cornerstone of his economic development plans, Scott Walker is set to introduce another gimmick today as he faces recall – and a criminal corruption probe.

Called “Ready, Set, Build!” the program might more aptly be called “Ready, Set – Grift!” as it adds more opportunities for the type of pay-to-play culture that has become a hallmark of the Walker administration.

The “Ready, Set – Grift!” plan would put a third-party contractor, with a financial stake in the operation, in charge of a program meant to short-circuit established permitting procedures, including environmental safeguards.

“We’ve already seen how Scott Walker’s cronies have set up a criminal shadow government in Milwaukee County. Does anyone believe that giving Walker and his campaign money-making machine more opportunity to operate under cover of darkness is a good idea?” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate asked Tuesday. “The “Ready, Set – Grift!” program is sure to be guided by the same corrupt Scott Walker values that have seen a push to make Wisconsin a plantation state of big corporations and where you have to pay to play.”