BREAKING: Scott Walker’s $2.3 Billion Tax Giveaways and Disastrous Job Losses Cause Budget Shortfall

Feb 08, 2012

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement following news that the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau today released new projections that show Scott Walker’s budget has a $143 million deficit. 

“After a disastrous budget that gutted public education and gave away billions to corporate special interests and the super-rich, and a phony “budget repair bill” that stripped workers’ rights and slashed health care, we are now realizing the effects of Scott Walker’s fiscal mismanagement.

Wisconsin’s budget condition has deteriorated to the point that emergency action may be required. And chief among the reasons for the worsened outlook is Scott Walker’s six straight months of job loss and failed economic policies that have created a projected $273 million loss in revenue. 

Scott Walker has said repeatedly that the public just needed time to see how his reforms were working. Now we’ve had time and all we see is Wisconsin leading the nation in jobs loss and cuts to public education, while wealthy special interests get richer. Today’s news is one more reason why the people will recall and replace Scott Walker.”