Two More Charged: Stink of Corruption Grows Around Scott Walker

Jan 25, 2012

MADISON — Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on news that two more Scott Walker aides have been charged in the growing John Doe criminal corruption probe.

“The more we learn about the way Scott Walker came to power, the more corrupt it appears. With two more Walker aides charged in a growing criminal corruption probe, there is not merely ethical smoke around the governor, there is a whole forest fire that illuminates the crooked turns for his benefit.

We’ve already had a conviction for the largest criminal campaign finance violation in Wisconsin history, benefiting Walker. Charges have been leveled involving an event set up under the guise of honoring veterans, but really meant to further Walker’s political career.

Walker has given conflicting statements about what he knew and when he knew about his closest political associate, Tim Russell, now charged with stealing thousands of dollars intended for wounded veterans and families of military service members who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another Scott Walker confidant and former operator of the website ScottWalker.org has been arrested for felony child enticement.

And today, we learn that two aides were using Scott Walker’s small county office as a place to do political work benefiting Walker and Wisconsin Republicans.

Walker continues to cloak himself in the mantle of an Eagle Scout and insist that he saw no evil and heard no evil. This is difficult to believe.

As the stink of corruption continues to grow around Scott Walker, he owes the people of Wisconsin an honest accounting of his role in the crimes alleged, his relationship with the people charged and how he benefited from the illegal acts committed.”