Do as I Say, Not as I Do: “Struggling” Sean Duffy’s Hypocrisy on Corporate Campaign Contributions

Jan 10, 2012

MADISON – With more than half of his campaign contributions coming from corporate special interests and political action committees, Sean Duffy (R-MTV) on Monday hypocritically called for an end to corporate campaign donations, telling the Wausau Daily Herald that he wants to “Take it all away.”

But Duffy’s record tells a very different story. Duffy voted against requiring disclosure of Presidential campaign contributions by foreign countries and companies, allowing them to continue to influence our elections anonymously.

Additionally, more than half of Duffy’s campaign contributions for 2012 have come from the very PACs he claims to oppose. He referred to this hypocrisy in a 2010 interview, stating, “Promising to limit the influence of special interests while they’re bankrolling your campaign is hypocritical.”

“This is yet another example of ‘Struggling’ Sean Duffy saying one thing here in Wisconsin and doing another out in Washington,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Whether it’s complaining about his $174,000 congressional salary, trying to have it both ways on the extension of the payroll tax cut, or calling for the end of corporate donations while bankrolling his campaign with PAC money, its clear that Sean Duffy is completely out of touch with the people of north and central Wisconsin.”


Duffy: Promising to Limit Special Interests while Accepting Outside Donations Is Hypocritical. In 2010, Duffy criticized members of Congress for pursuing campaign finance reform while accepting PAC funds. “Promising to limit the influence of special interests while they’re bankrolling your campaign is hypocritical,” he said. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/06/10]

More than Half of Duffy’s Campaign Contributions for 2012 Have Come from PACs. According to FEC records, Duffy has raised $850,864 for the 2012 election cycle to date. More than half of Duffy’s campaign coffer, or $443,390.71, has come from political action committees. [FEC.gov, accessed 1/10/12]

Voted Against Requiring Disclosure of Foreign Countries, Companies Donating to Presidential Campaigns. In 2011, Duffy voted against requiring the disclosure of certain foreign entities donating to presidential campaigns, as well as donors spending over $100,000 on those contests. The motion to recommit would have required, more specifically, the disclosure of foreign countries, companies or individuals donating to presidential campaigns. The motion failed, 173-229. [H. Res. 359, Vote #24, 1/26/11]