ICYMI: Scott Walker’s Shocking Year-End Revelations

Dec 25, 2011

Won’t tell us when he leaves the state, Calls his phony Koch call “stupid,” Admits to meeting with subject of criminal probe

MADISON – Amid a year-end self-preservation media tour as Wisconsin leads the nation in job loss, where he desperately is spinning an abysmal record of failure as somehow having made Wisconsin “better,” Scott Walker let slip some shocking revelations that raise even more red flags.

1. Walker Won’t Tell us When He Leaves the State: A new media report explains Scott Walker has been purposefully deceitful yet again: this time, he refuses to tell voters when he’s left the state he was elected to govern. Why doesn’t he want us to know when, where and why he’s out-of-state? Because he’s been making these secret, unannounced trips to raise sleazy corporate campaign contributions.

Apparently, to follow the money, we just need to follow Walker. “Walker just completed the single most lucrative period of fundraising for a candidate in state history,” the report said.

2. Walker Calls His Phony Koch Call “Stupid”: In a startling moment of candor, Scott Walker admitted to reporters that his February call (full transcript available here) with whom he thought was billionaire oil tycoon David Koch, who made contributions to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign totaling $43,000, and a $1 million contribution to the Republican Governors Association, which spent $3.4 million on television ads in support of Walker’s campaign was, “stupid.”

In the call, which took place on state time using state resources, Walker sang his own praises for his numerous national media appearances, stated that he would trick Democratic senators into returning to Wisconsin by promising to “listen” to them, but would actually force a vote on his contentious legislation, requested illegal campaign assistance and coordination, and, most disturbingly, admitted that he considered inserting violent troublemakers into the peaceful protest to incite chaos.

3. Walker Admits to Meeting with Subject of John Doe Criminal Probe: And in yet another media report that raises troubling questions that remain unanswered, Walker also recently admitted he’s met with Andrew Jensen, the man who requested, and was denied, secret immunity and was subsequently jailed for refusing to cooperate with the unprecedented John Doe investigation targeting the governor’s current and former aides. “As an example of their meetings, Walker cited an occasion when Jensen had been involved in a county real estate deal … He didn’t say how many times they had met over the years,” the report said. Andrew P Jensen, Jr. has been lauded as a high-level commercial real estate broker who has arranged deals involving public agencies and buildings for many years in Milwaukee.

“Scott Walker’s defense of his horrendous policies that have Wisconsin leading the nation in job loss is an exercise in futility,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Its clear from these latest startling admissions that keeping up the lie that his reforms are somehow “working” for Wisconsin is taking a toll on Scott Walker.”