ICYMI: Married Into Millions, Ron Johnson Attacks Minimum-Wage Workers

Dec 12, 2011

MADISON — Speaking to constituents recently, Tea Party extremist Sen. Ron Johnson attacked minimum wage workers.

Johnson, who married into millions and whose only minimum wage job came when he was ‪subsidized heavily by his parents‬, said minimum wage workers were not “good workers.”

Watch the video here.

“We know he doesn’t like workers and we’re not even sure if Ron Johnson supports a minimum wage, but the least he could do is keep his mouth shut on the subject when his fortune came not because of his hard work, but because of a fortunate marriage,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple has led Ron Johnson to dangerous ideas that would shred our social safety net and drive wages into the dirt all to appease a master class of people that sees fit to celebrate its riches while the rest of America suffers in rags.”