Scott Walker's Sleazy Campaign Cash Bonanza Begins

Nov 03, 2011

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following reports that recall papers have been filed against Scott Walker by a donor to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign, allowing Walker to begin to raise unlimited campaign cash.

“While we certainly understand that thousands of Wisconsinites can’t wait to recall Scott Walker, we find it convenient that, days before Walker goes on a Koch-fueled trip to Arizona, Kansas and California, recall papers are filed by a donor to Scott Walker that will allow Walker to bag all the sleazy campaign cash he can get his hands on.

Given the shady, under-handed and even downright criminal dirty tricks to deny democracy we have seen out of Scott Walker’s Republican Party and the extremist groups who finance his rent-to-own government, this latest ploy to bolster Scott Walker’s recall campaign with unlimited special interest cash is unfortunately not a shock.

But make no mistake; no matter how dirty the Republicans play or how much outside cash the Koch Brothers spend on false and misleading ads, the people of Wisconsin who were sold a bill of goods by Scott Walker will have their day, and they will recall Scott Walker.”