"Struggling" Sean Duffy Hijacks Jobs Fair for Self-Promotion

Oct 17, 2011

Voted Against Programs He Now Promotes

MADISON-After voting against the Workforce Investment Act funds directly administered by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD), “Struggling” Sean Duffy has hijacked a Wausau-area jobs fair for purposes of political self-promotion.

The DWD originally was promoting the Wednesday fair as an opportunity for veterans to find work.

Duffy voted against the $41 million in Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funding for youth, adult and dislocated worker programs. Prior to Duffy’s vote against the WIA, Steve Terry, Executive Director of the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, said “eliminating workforce development funds like WIA would end the nation’s employment and training system during a time of extreme economic downturn.”

But having proposed no jobs-creation legislation since he took office, Duffy inserted himself into the promotion for Wednesday’s event.

“The unemployed residents of the 7th Congressional District might cringe to hear Sean Duffy claiming he “struggles” on his $174,000 Congressional salary,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “What’s even more cringe-worthy is the fact that “Struggling” Sean Duffy voted against the very programs that help job seekers find jobs and then hijacks a jobs fair as a means for self-promotion. It’s high time for Duffy to learn what it’s like to need a job.”


2010: Workforce Investment Act Provided 20,768 Adults With The Necessary Tools to Find Gainful Employment. In Program Year 2010, the Workforce Investment Act serviced 20,768 adults, 14,943 dislocated workers and 2,914 youths develop tools for gainful employment. In program year 2010, the federal government spent $49,389,599 on Workforce Investment Act programs. [State of Wisconsin Workforce Investment Act Program Year 2010 Report]

Wisconsin Received $41 Million in Workforce Investment Act Funding. In program year 2011, Wisconsin received $41,706,590 in Workforce Investment Act funding for youth, adult, and dislocated worker programs. [Federal Register, Department of Labor, 5/17/11]

Sean Duffy Voted to Eliminate All Funding for the Workforce Investment Act. February 19, 2011, Sean Duffy voted in favor of HR 1, a continuing resolution meant to fund the federal government for fiscal year 2011. According to the National Skills Coalition, the bill would eliminate all funding for the Workforce investment Act in program year 2011. [H.R. 1, Vote # 147, 2/19/11; H.R. 1, 2/19/11; National Skills Coalition Press Release, 2/28/11; National Skills Coalition Analysis of HR 1, 2/11; Memo from Jobs for the Future, 2/16/11]