Stem Cell Research Opponent Tommy Thompson Announces Major Tea Party Pandering

Oct 16, 2011

MADISON-With the Tea Party in Wisconsin saying “hell no” to his retread candidacy, Washington lobbyist Tommy Thompson is making his latest overtures to the radical right, highlighting his opposition to stem cell research at a conference next month.

Wisconsin leads the way in stem cell research which is already leading to life-saving, breakthrough medicine.

But as Health and Human Services Secretary during the George W. Bush administration, Thompson led the way in crafting the ban on new funding for new stem cell research, putting lives – and Wisconsin jobs – at risk.

“A Washington lobbyist like Tommy Thompson is keen enough to see that his candidacy is being rejected by Scott Walker’s Tea Party Republican Party. But this has not stopped him from trying to pander to the far right, from signing cowardly tax pledges to advocating for a rigid social agenda that will inhibit scientific progress and the creation of life-saving medicine,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “We expect that even the Tea Party radicals he hopes to placate will see through Thompson’s desperate attempts to make himself into something he’s not. At the end of the day, we see him as he is-a typical politician.”