ICYMI: Reid Ribble Has No Answer For Early Jobs Fair Exit

Oct 24, 2011

MADISON-Talking Points Memo posted video from this weekend, when Tea Party Congressman Reid Ribble left a “jobs fair” at least an hour early to attend a $1,000-per-plate fundraiser.

Watch the video here.

Ribble’s staff later went on to say that Ribble didn’t leave because he was shaking down campaign cash-but that he was a “distraction” to jobs though said that, despite voting against jobs-creation legislation and never having drafted any jobs legislation himself, he still “cared” about jobs.

“Reid Ribble cares enough about jobs when they don’t interfere with raising funds from the very people who have put our economy at risk,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Having never focused on jobs during his time in Washington, though having done special favors for a family-owned business, it’s surprising that Ribble would show his face to job seekers whose benefits he has cut and whose future his rigid ideology has put in peril.”