Scott Walker and Paul Ryan Disciple Mark Neumann to Announce Latest Losing "Tea Party" Candidacy Today

Aug 28, 2011

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following news that “Tea Party” extremist, and Scott Walker and Paul Ryan disciple, Mark Neumann was headed to Republican spokesman Charlie Sykes’s radio show today to announce his latest losing candidacy.

“Answering the groundswell apparently occurring only in the far corners of Scott Walker’s radical “Tea Party” movement in Wisconsin, Mark Neumann has once-more embarked on another losing candidacy. Time and again, Badger voters have rejected Neumann, and by enormous margins. Outside of his family, his only base of support seems instead to be the Scott Walker and Paul Ryan Tea Party zealots who seek tax breaks for billionaires financed by the end of Medicare and Social Security.  It’s no wonder Neumann would announce his candidacy to a rabid partisan like Charlie Sykes, and shows that his first priority is service to right-wing talk show hosts and their Tea Party audience — not Wisconsin’s middle class families. 

The embarrassing fact is not that Wisconsin has rejected Neumann time-and-again because they don’t know about Neumann and his radical “Tea Party” ideas. Wisconsin has rejected him and will do so again precisely because they do.”