BREAKING: Alberta Darling: Jobs, Lies and Videotape

Aug 02, 2011

MILWAUKEE-New video from a Milwaukee Press Club event yesterday exposes the core of the Alberta Darling self-protection racket, that her assault on Wisconsin’s middle class was made in the guise of job creation.

Darling was asked the question directly by a reporter on the panel, who questioned her authorship of Scott Walker’s disastrous bill that has led to rampant unemployment.

In her flailing self-defense on Tuesday, Darling was claiming that the massive cuts to education, health care and life-sustaining support for the elderly were part of an unseen and unproven set of “tools” for localities to cut services and somehow attract business.

But, caught in the headlights by a direct question about what jobs she could attribute to the massive assault on Wisconsin’s middle class, Darling’s silence was deafening, and she was unable to provide a single example of a job created.

Watch the shocking video here.

“There is now video evidence that the author of Scott Walker’s assault on the middle class knows, in her heartless heart, what Wisconsin has seen all along-that the legislation to enslave Wisconsin to the rich had nothing to do with creating and growing the middle class, and everything to do with hastening its extinction,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Alberta Darling has been caught on videotape lying to the people of Wisconsin, whom she has abandoned in service to the only people who have her ear nowadays, Scott Walker and his corporate overlords.”