Weakness: Paul Ryan Hides Pathetic Plea for Parade Promotion

Jun 30, 2011

Plans to Pummel Medicare Showing Effects

MADISON-Following a desperate plea for parade walkers on the Fourth of July, Paul Ryan now is trying to hide a desperate email solicitation sent earlier this week.

Talking Points Memo just reported  that the Ryan campaign is refusing to answer questions about the pathetic email, which begged people to “show Paul and the people of Kenosha that he is supported.”

Ryan, who polls as the third most unpopular Republican in the country, largely based on his extreme plan to kill Medicare, currently is being mocked on Craigslist in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C. for his appeal for parade walkers.

The Craigslist ads posts poke fun at Ryan for alienating himself by ending Medicare, which Politico reported here.

“No matter how much Paul Ryan brags about his own “courage” and “boldness,” the fact is he is fundamentally weak and that is because he wrote a budget with Washington lobbyists that ends the guarantee of health care for seniors at the same time he hands over the economy to Wall Street,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “If I was Paul Ryan, I’d be afraid to show my face in Wisconsin, too.”