Scott Walker Predicts GOP Defeat

Jul 17, 2011

MADISON-In another self-serving interview with out-of-state press, Scott Walker again blamed the rejection of his radical agenda on poor p.r., but after Republican leaders handily predicted victory in the upcoming recall referendums on his agenda, Walker now seemed to predict defeat.

According to the Washington Post article, he gamed the races thusly:

“It’s tough,” Walker said about the GOP’s prospects for holding onto the Senate. He argued that the more Wisconsin citizens learn about the effects of the changes in his budget, particularly in education, the more they will see them positively. “If the election were January 9th rather than August 9th, I’d feel a lot better,” he said.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said:

“That Scott Walker sees that his agenda is being rejected by Wisconsin could be an important first step to tethering him back to reality. But it’s not that people don’t know enough about his radical plans to destroy education and health care for seniors, all to ensure that the very rich don’t pay their fair share. The reason Scott Walker’s agenda is being rejected is because the people know it all too well.”