BREAKING: Senate Passage of Redistricting Power Grab Violates Wisconsin's Traditions

Jul 18, 2011

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following Senate passage of the Republican redistricting plan today.

“The redistricting plan, conceived in darkness and bypassing Wisconsin’s localities, violates our state’s traditions and exposes Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican cadres for what they are: Tools of the special interests consumed with drawing all power unto themselves.

The process and the map itself strikes against the democratic ideals that built our state and spurns more than a century of norms and standards meant so that Wisconsin’s communities are represented properly. In their blind desire to accrue all power, this gang in Madison has set a terrible precedent. In less than 10 days, and with an infinitesimal amount of community input, they drew political maps meant to last 10 years.

This redistricting will void the work already underway in local communities who expected a responsible Legislature, this redistricting will increase the divisive partisanship that has been Scott Walker’s calling card, and this redistricting will go one more step into removing people from our government processes.

The Republican legacy under Scott Walker rule continues to grow in ways that stain and offend our shared history. And today’s shabby redistricting power grab should send another shock into the grasssroots recall movement that even now is mustering to take back Wisconsin.”