ICYMI: Federal Money Rejected: Wisconsin Health Less Important Than Scott Walker Ideology

Jun 29, 2011

MADISON-Scott Walker’s extremist health secretary, who already has tried to kill Wisconsin’s SeniorCare program, is now rejecting more than $27 million in federal money to promote Wisconsin’s health.

Dennis Smith, who also has advocated that the state essentially end its BadgerCare program as we know it by opting out of Medicaid, was vowing to scuttle the applications from the Milwaukee Health Department and the University Health Services for grants to promote healthier lifestyles and manage diseases such as diabetes, which are reaching epidemic levels.

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“Only in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin would an extremist ideologue dragged from the depths of right-wing think tanks be made “health secretary” and then work actively against promoting Wisconsin’s health,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “Wisconsin’s own health experts sought these funds, but Scott Walker brought in his Washington outsider to work against the health of our people. There is a sickness now in Madison that I hope these recall elections soon cure.”