The Silence of Tommy G. Thompson

May 16, 2011

MADISON-As Paul Ryan refuses to face a statewide race to defend his plans to end Medicare, news is breaking that ultra-lobbyist and Washington resident Tommy G. Thompson will throw his hat in the ring for the seat being vacated by senior Sen. Herb Kohl.

Wisconsin has been rocked by protest to Scott Walker’s divisive agenda but Thompson apparently was too busy taking cash from Big Oil, the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries and Wall Street to defend programs he proposed and created.

So as Wisconsin is being asked by Ryan and Walker to do less with less, where was Thompson when:

-Scott Walker killed the high-speed rail-line that Thompson first proposed

-Walker proposed massive cuts to the BadgerCare program for working families created by Thompson

-Ryan proposed ending Medicare and turning it into vouchers of diminishing value
-Walker proposed ending five decades of labor peace by stripping collective bargaining rights from unions that previously backed Thompson
-Walker supported ending conservation and environmental regulations signed into law by Thompson.

“Tommy Thompson has been too busy taking lobbying cash from Big Oil and Wall Street to stand up to the divisive, anti-Wisconsin agenda of Paul Ryan and Scott Walker. Does anyone believe he will stand up for Wisconsin’s working families?” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate asked Tuesday.