Sandy Pasch Announces Candidacy for Wisconsin State Senate

May 05, 2011


WHITEFISH BAY — Sandy Pasch, a nurse, mother and state representative from Whitefish Bay, today announced her candidacy for the 8th Senate District recall election this summer, pledging to fight for jobs, stand up for middle class families, and work across the aisle to find solutions to the shared challenges facing Wisconsin.
“People want their leaders to work together to find commonsense solutions to our problems, but the political leaders in Madison have walked away from the people they are supposed to represent,” said Pasch.  “Instead of protecting education and growing our economy, the politicians in charge at the capitol are pursuing an extreme agenda that fails to solve challenges and divides the state.  We need leaders who will work for their constituents and bring people together, and that’s what I’ll do as state senator.”
The recall election in the 8th Senate District was triggered when approximately 30,000 residents signed petitions to recall state Senator Alberta Darling, a nearly 20-year career politician who chose to put the radical agenda of her party bosses ahead of the people she represents.  From taking away worker rights, to backing a dangerous budget that hurts local governments and slashes key priorities, to supporting corporate tax giveaways and special interest favors like selling power plants, Darling has turned her back on the constituents she is supposed to serve.
“The problems we face are too urgent, and the agenda of the political power brokers in Madison too extreme, we can’t afford to wait another eighteen months to change the direction of our state,” said Pasch.  “We need new leaders now who will fight for the people who elected them, and who aren’t afraid to work with others, regardless of party, to move our state forward.”
Sandy and her husband have lived in Whitefish Bay for 25 years, where they raised three children.  A practicing nurse since 1976, and an assistant professor of nursing at Columbia College of Nursing for 15 years, Sandy taught students in the fields of mental health, community health, and ethics.  A relative newcomer to the State Assembly, Sandy has focused on strengthening education, improving health care and creating jobs during her three years as a state representative.