Report: Wisconsin's GOP Plot Will End Senior Prescription Drug Coverage

May 30, 2011

Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson Join in Effort

MADISON-A new analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office shows that the effort joined by Wisconsin’s Republican Congressional delegation to repeal health care reform will result in the end of prescription drug coverage for seniors.

Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble, Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson have led the charge to repeal the reforms, without proposing any alternatives, and doing so would force Medicare to end the effort to close the “doughnut hole” for seniors, as well as lead to runaway costs because it would strip the government of any powers to negotiate lower drug fees.

Read more about the consequences of the Republican plot here.
“Not content to sign on to plans to end Medicare, people like Sean Duffy, Reid Ribble and Paul Ryan now lead the charge so that seniors will pay more out-of-pocket for the drugs that keep them alive,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “When Wisconsin’s seniors are unable to pay for their drug coverage, maybe Duffy, Ribble and Ryan can spare some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars given to them by the health insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies to do their immoral bidding.”