Pasch Blasts Domestic Partnership Rights Rollback, Calls on Darling to Stand Up for Basic Decency

May 17, 2011

WHITEFISH BAY — State Senate candidate Sandy Pasch issued the following statement today calling on Senator Alberta Darling to use her powerful position on the Joint Finance Committee to reverse the rollback of domestic partner rights that empower people to visit loved ones in the hospital and take time to care for ill partners:

“Refusing to allow people the right to visit loved ones in the hospital, or take time to care for a sick partner, is just plain wrong.  This mean-spirited rollback of basic protections doesn’t create any jobs, and makes Wisconsin a less attractive place for workers and companies who are considering a move here.  Extreme, misguided policies like this send the message, not that Wisconsin is open for business, but instead is moving backwards and away from basic decency.  The people of the 8th Senate District are waiting to see if Sen. Darling will show some political courage and use her powerful position on the state’s budget-writing commitee to reverse this unacceptable policy.”