Nygren Puts Political Ambition Ahead of Honoring A Fallen Wisconsin Hero

May 09, 2011

MADISON — GOP state Rep. John Nygren declared his candidacy for state senate today by hypocritically attacking Dave Hansen for courageously standing for working and middle class families, even as Nygren himself was skipping an Assembly vote honoring a fallen Wisconsin soldier killed in action to do so.
Nygren announced his campaign for state Senate at the same time the Wisconsin State Assembly – of which he is a member – was passing a resolution honoring the life and military service of US Army Lt. Col. Paul Robert Bartz of Waterloo, WI.  Lt. Col. Bartz was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 18, 2010 in a suicide car bomb attack.  
“It’s a new low when a politician like John Nygren puts his own ambition and career ahead of honoring the service of someone who gave so that others may live in freedom and security,” said Ronald Kral, an Army veteran from Green Bay.  “Nygren could have announced his candidacy at any time.  The fact that he choose to do so just as the Wisconsin Assembly was paying tribute to the sacrifice of a true hero shows he cares more about himself and his career than about what’s truly important.”
According to legislative records, the resolution honoring Lt. Col. Bartz was placed on the Assembly calendar on May 5th – meaning Rep. Nygren had known for at least five days this item was on the legislative docket for today.  Despite having ample advance warning, Nygren still choose to put his own political announcement and ambition instead of paying tribute to a fallen Wisconsin war hero.
This isn’t the first time Nygren has put his career and his political cronies ahead of the public good and doing what’s right.  Nygren drew criticism earlier this year for pulling strings to get his unqualified campaign aide the position of Marinette County register of deeds, leapfrogging other candidates who had experience for the job, but not the political loyalty Nygren believes is more important.
“If these are the values and judgement John Nygren displays as a candidate, it’s clear who he will put first as a senator, and it won’t be the people of his district,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate.  “We need leaders who will stand up for working and middle class families and fight for jobs — not politicians who selfishly look out only for themselves and their buddies.  That’s the leader the people of the 30th senate district have in Dave Hansen.”