Unqualified Son of Scott Walker Contributor "Demoted" to $62K Job

Apr 04, 2011

MADISON-The day after it was revealed that the unqualified 27-year-old drunk-driving son of a major Scott Walker donor was given a 26 percent raise to $81,500, the child of privilege was “demoted” to his old job, salaried at about $62,000.

The son of bigtime lobbyist Jerry Deschane, who put in the touch for the job, was twice convicted of drunk-driving, had no college degree and, by any objective measure, was wholly unqualified for his current or former position.

“Working families across Wisconsin are struggling and Scott Walker can still find work for the son of fat cat contributors,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Most people in their 20s would kill for a “demotion” to $62,000, but the children of Scott Walker contributors have a certain lifestyle to maintain, apparently.”