The Statement of Jessica King in Response to Randy Hopper's Misguided Attack on Working Wisconsin Families

Apr 17, 2011

MADISON- In response to the negative attacks issued by recalled State Senator Randy Hopper (R – Fond du Lac), Oshkosh City Councilwoman and Deputy Mayor Jessica King released the following statement:

“It’s unfortunate my opponent chose to start off his recall campaign in such a predictable and negative way. What’s even more unfortunate, though, is that Sen. Hopper has spent so much time away from home that he seems to be shockingly unaware of who is actually running against him.”

In Sen. Hopper’s attack he frequently references former Governor Jim Doyle.  If Mr. Hopper spent more time in his district and less time in and around Madison he’d know that Jim Doyle is not on the ballot against him.

Senator Hopper’s desperate attacks are the result of the pressure he is feeling after a local grassroots effort collected over 23,000 recall petitions against him in just over 5 weeks – one of the fastest recall efforts in state history.

Senator Hopper broke his promises to the working families of Northeast Wisconsin and all he is left with is negative attacks to try to stay in power.”