Statements on Democratic Efforts to Combat Shady Republican Recall Petition Tactics

Apr 25, 2011

MADISON- Following are the statements of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate and Nick Gerten, CEO, Meyer Teleservices.

Mike Tate, Chairman, Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

“There have been numerous reports of people who have been misled by Republican petition circulators. To ensure people haven’t been duped or lied to by shady political operatives, we performed a random survey of petition signers.  The phone vendor who performed the survey acknowledges it mistakenly called from an inaccurate number for a limited number of calls, which inadvertently led some people who received these calls to believe they were emanating from Aurora Baycare in Green Bay.  The calls did not come from Aurora Baycare nor does Aurora Baycare have any involvement in the party’s efforts to resolve concerns with questionable tactics that were used by the Republican circulators.  The vendor has taken responsibility for the error, and apologized for any inconvenience.  In light of ongoing reports of GOP circulators misleading voters about recall petitions, we will continue to vigilantly protect people from those who seek to gather signatures by distortion and trickery.”

Nick Gerten, CEO, Meyer Teleservices:

“During the initial scope of our calling on the evening of April 25th it was brought to our attention that there were discrepancies with the caller ID information being provided from our site.  We immediately took steps to rectify the situation and had the issue resolved.  We take full responsibility for the error and apologize for any inconvenience or added concern this may have caused.”