Milwaukee County Cannot Afford Jeff Stone, the Scott Walker Clone

Apr 03, 2011

MADISON– Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the Tuesday Milwaukee County Executive race.

“On Tuesday, when Milwaukee County residents vote, they will see on the ballot someone who launched his campaign embracing Scott Walker, and who wants to enhance Walker’s shameful legacy of division, corruption, bad practices and reckless mismanagement that has left the county reeling.

Jeff Stone, the Walker clone, promises to enable the Walker’s historic anti-Milwaukee County budget that would decimate its schools, its parks, its transit system, its universities, its programs to protect the most vulnerable. And Stone, ethically-troubled himself, promises to continue the miry ethical ways of Walker that promoted people not because of their ideas or ability but because of their ideology.

On Tuesday, voters in Milwaukee County have their first real chance to reject Scott Walker and his hand-picked successor, the Republican extremist Jeff Stone. On Tuesday, voters will have a chance to start the work of reclaiming their communities and their state from the kind of disunity that Walker and Stone seek to sow.”