WisDems Ask For D.A. Probe of Jeff Stone Finance Report

Mar 30, 2011

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Thursday asked the Milwaukee County District Attorney to probe the campaign finance report of Jeff Stone, filed a day late, that inflates contributions by at least $35,000, double-counts contributors, fails to properly list on-line contributions and omits required information of hundreds of donors.

See a copy of the request here.

This isn’t the first time Stone has run afoul of campaign finance laws. Following a failed bid for Assembly, Stone was fined in 1998 for campaign finance violations by the state ethics board.

“Republican Jeff Stone’s finance report is recklessly sloppy and purposely misleading, an attempt to hide bad practices at the same time creating a false sense of momentum,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “He filed his report a day late, in violation of the law. Now it is clear that the report itself represents a violation of the state’s campaign finance requirements.”

The botched report is the most recent embarrassment of a candidate and his campaign that clearly isn’t ready for prime-time.

Stone’s campaign recently:
-Hired a bank-robbing, drug-dealing confidante of Michael McGee Jr., after admitting to not checking his background.
-Refused and failed to file campaign finance reports about his recent fundraiser with Scott Walker.
-Illegally used images of people who don’t support him in his campaign literature.
-Offered a job to an ethically shady Scott Walker campaign operative who is under investigation himself.
-This is not to mention Stone’s failure to comply with state Open Records laws, the subject of a 2006 lawsuit, and his violation of city ordinances in running his business in his father-in-law’s basement.