The Scott Walker-Jeff Stone Gravy Train

Mar 23, 2011

Attacking Workers, But Making Work for Partisan Friends

MADISON – News that Republican extremist Jeff Stone has offered a job to Scott Walker henchman Tim Russell as a campaign operative raises questions over whether Stone will bring the disgraced dirty trickster back to Milwaukee County, and whether he will continue the political gravy train begun by Walker.

Russell’s ties to Walker date to his disgraced time at Marquette University. He subsequently was fired from WHEDA, was involved in various scandals in the Walker administration and recently was fired by Lee Holloway.

Along the way, Russell continuously shuffled in and out of campaign work and county work for Walker, running the county’s economic development department into the ground, then doing campaign work, then returning to run a housing department where he had his computer seized by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

Now, the ethical cloud over Russell has drifted over to the Stone campaign.

“The political gravy train continues with Jeff Stone, who offered the disgraced Tim Russell a campaign job and doubtless will allow him back into the employ of Milwaukee County,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate asked Thursday. “Jeff Stone is joined at the hip to Scott Walker, so it makes sense that he would continue Walker’s gravy train.”

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