SSDC: Misleading Republican Front Group’s Attack Ad Should Be Pulled From Airwaves

Mar 29, 2011

Virginia Based Republican State Leadership Committee Falsely Claims “File Footage” Actor is Wisconsin Teacher

MADISON – A television ad attacking State Senator Dave Hansen, sponsored by the Virginia-based Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), claims a “file footage” actor is a Wisconsin teacher. The State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC) has contacted the local television stations airing the ad to request that it be pulled from the airwaves because it is “demonstrably false in its premise and details.”

SSDC Executive Director Kory Kozloski commented, “The only thing more misleading than the fake teacher in this ad is the suggestion that Dave Hansen is hurting our schools by opposing the $70 million in cuts to 30th Senate District schools proposed by the Governor.”

The ad purportedly features a local teacher, however, a “file footage” disclaimer clearly reveals that it is instead an actor in a staged classroom setting. Since the “teacher” does not exist, nor do her students, school, or job, the Democrat’s letter goes on to call for the ad to be pulled because “it is patently false tostate that she or her job in Wisconsin will be harmed by the actions of Senator Hansen.”

In fact, Hansen is a former teacher and truck driver who has spent his career fighting to protect Northeast Wisconsin jobs, improve access to health care and ensure our kids get a good education.

Kozloski noted that the RSLC is part of a cabal of right wing attack groups fueled with cash from big oil,pharmaceutical and tobacco companies and other corporate special interests. The group specializes in so-called issue ads attacking Democrats like the one running locally.

However, according to Kozloski, the false content of the RSLC’s ad should allow local television stations to voluntarily pull the ad from their airwaves without the need for legal action.

He concluded, “Dave Hansen is being attacked by out-of-state, corporate special interests because he opposes Governor Walker’s plan to give huge tax breaks to big corporations while cutting billions ofdollars from education, health care and public safety.”