Jeff Stone Will Say Anything

Mar 22, 2011

Union-Buster Now Looks to Work With Labor Leader?

MADISON– Having backed the wholesale dismantling of public employee unions and helping aid Scott Walker’s rending of seven decades of labor peace in Wisconsin,  Republican extremist Jeff Stone told community leaders Tuesday that he would hire a “labor leader” to head a new Milwaukee County department to oversee workers.

This shameless pander, absent any specifics or details, comes after already supporting an end to collective bargaining for public employees; blaming rapes and deaths at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex on collective bargaining; and supporting union-busting “Right to Work For Less” legislation.

“After joining Scott Walker in the biggest assault on Wisconsin’s labor organizations since the Pinkertons, Republican extremist Jeff Stone now wants us to believe he craves labor peace, instead of the divisive war that he helped to start,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Jeff Stone will say anything to distract from his embrace of Scott Walker in a race to the bottom for Milwaukee County’s working families.”

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