A New Low: Scott Walker Administration Compares Capitol Protests to the Holocaust

Mar 09, 2011

MADISON – Scott Walker’s administration has reached a new low by comparing the peaceful protests at the Capitol to the systematic murder of six million Jews by the Third Reich.

Introducing Walker at an event Wednesday, Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Secretary Ben Brancel spoke of Republican legislators and said, “They came to town with a lot of ideas and a lot of concepts they could really work on and then they got stuck in the middle of a “Holocaust” in a horror story…”

Police agencies have uniformly said the protests have been peaceful and orderly.

“For Scott Walker to allow the comparison of peaceful protests to his divisive power grab to the murder of Europe’s Jews is a low that I did not believe even he could reach,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said in a statement. “Scott Walker has tried mightily to warp the coverage of the thousands of cops, firefighters, nurses and teachers who have spoken out against him, but this language suggests that what has become warped is his sense of decency.”

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