WisDems Begin Fight Against Walker, GOP Moves to Extinguish Wisconsin Way of Life

Jan 02, 2011

Massive Resistance Planned to Defend Against the Assault on Modern Economy

MADISON-Using a broad array of platforms, Wisconsin Democrats on Monday began their fight against efforts by Scott Walker and the GOP to extinguish Wisconsin’s way of life.
From air and water quality to education to women’s reproductive rights to family-supporting jobs, Walker and the Republicans have signaled they are ready to enact an extremist agenda that will topple generations of progress and put Wisconsin more in line with states like Mississippi and Alabama.
On Tuesday, the DPW will begin the roll out of an aggressive Internet and social media strategy to target freshman Republican legislators who have committed to the extremist and retrograde assault on Wisconsin’s modern economy.
The state party will engage a massive grassroots effort using a bank of more than 15,000 volunteers against moves anticipated in the upcoming legislative session, where Republican lawmakers have already signaled their emphasis has shifted from creating jobs to narrow, ideological focuses totally unrelated to the state’s economic crisis.
“The fight to preserve Wisconsin’s way of life from Scott Walker begins today,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “At the heart of the Republican agenda is a move to assault the modern economy here and lower our standards to those of states like Mississippi. Using a well-financed toolbox and a deep pool of activists and volunteers, we are going to fight them every step of the way.”