Evan Wynn Votes for Scott Walker’s Elder Abuser Protection Bill

Jan 20, 2011

MADISON– Last night, Evan Wynn voted to pass legislation that protects elder abusers and limits crime victims’ recourse in pursuing legal action against perpetrators of violence and negligence.  

Despite moving testimony from crime victims and their families about the devastating impact of this bill, the sweeping legislation was fast-tracked as part of Scott Walker and the GOP’s “Everything but Jobs” session, which has, to date, created exactly zero jobs.

“The people of the 43rd Assembly District sent Evan Wynn to Madison to create jobs and stimulate economic growth,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Instead of focusing on jobs, Wynn voted in partisan lock-step against amendments that would have improved this dangerous tort law so it would offer some protection to victims of domestic violence, elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes and child abuse. This attack on vulnerable victims of crime and negligence is not what the people of Wisconsin expect from Scott Walker or their legislators.”