Statement From Speaker Mike Sheridan Regarding the General Election

Nov 03, 2010

For Immediate Release                                                           Contact: Casey Slaughter Becker
November 3, 2010                                                                                                    608-444-2200

Statement From Speaker Mike Sheridan Regarding the General Election

MADISON – “This is obviously disappointing on many levels.  The Assembly Democrats were caught up in a historic national wave, and we have lost the majority. 

 “People were frustrated and we understand that frustration.  The Republicans have secured the majority and now they will have to deliver on their campaign pledges.  

“We remain proud of our accomplishments and the foundation we’ve laid over the past two years to keep Wisconsin moving forward during these difficult times.

“The initiatives we passed in the budget paved the way for job retention and creation in the state during our darkest hour.  We helped expand access to health care for 98% of people in the state, including all children. 

“We shut down tax loopholes that big corporations used to dodge state taxes at the expense of middle class families and small businesses.

“When it came to budgeting, we were adults – we didn’t slash and burn every program left and right.  We protected the things that were important to middle class families, like education, health care for children, and public safety.

“And we consistently put middle class families and small businesses ahead of big corporations and the special interests.

“We had fantastic candidates and incumbents that worked very hard.  I commend them for their work, and for their public service.

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