You Need to Know: Clinard’s Spending Priorities Dangerously Out-of-Whack

Oct 25, 2010

MADISON – In an effort to highlight key considerations for voters in Western Wisconsin, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is this week continuing its You Need to Know campaign. The series will share hard facts about Republicans Howard Marklein, Travis Tranel, Lee Nerison, Ed Brooks and Dennis Clinard, facts voters must keep in mind when they go to the polls November 2nd.

Already, we’ve learned…

Fact #1: Howard Marklein of Spring Green has pledged to repeal tax reforms that have clamped down on giant corporations that used legal loopholes to avoid paying their fair share, shifting more of the burden to middle-class Wisconsin families.

Fact #2: Republicans like Travis Tranel of Cuba City have the backing of big insurance companies, the same companies that hope to roll back legislative changes Democrats made to ensure Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions and kids with special medical needs – including hearing loss and autism – get the medical care for which they’re paying good money.

Fact #3: While Wisconsin Democrats worked to direct more state contracts to American companies by passing the American Jobs Act, Republicans like Lee Nerison of Westby are fighting to defend tax breaks for big corporations that have outsourced jobs and devastated our manufacturing sector. 

Fact #4: Rep. Ed Brooks voted against the Equal Pay for Women Act, legislation that strengthens Wisconsin’s law against discrimination in the workplace and provides resources for workers to fight for fairness.  Pay equity is a growing problem in Wisconsin, with recent studies showing women here make 22% less than their male colleagues.

Now, you need to know…

Fact #5: Republicans like Dennis Clinard of Cataract support arbitrary, across-the-board cuts that will leave thousands of Wisconsin teachers, police officers and firefighters jobless.  With the money they’ll “save,” they’ll approve tax giveaways that will line the pockets of corporate bigwigs.

“Smart budgets are about priorities – the priorities of average Wisconsin families,” said Mike Tate, DPW Chair.  “If Dennis Clinard wants schoolkids to lose out on world-class educational opportunities or our communities to go without proper policing, I’d say his priorities are dangerously out-of-whack.”

Stay tuned for one final fact you need to know!