LEAH VUKMIR: Wrong on the facts, wrong for the 5th Senate District

Oct 11, 2010


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LEAH VUKMIR:  Wrong on the facts, wrong for the 5th Senate District

Latest mailer misleads voters on jobs

MADISON – Rep. Leah Vukmir’s latest mailer discussing jobs continues her attempt to hide her extreme voting record all the way until election day by misleading the voters on even basic facts. Carrie Lynch, spokesperson for the State Senate Democratic Committee, noted that the history on the companies cited in her mailer do not support the claims made by Rep. Vukmir.

“Leah Vukmir just can’t be straight with the voters.  Polaris did not go to Minnesota to avoid combined reporting because Minnesota has had combined reporting for years,” said Lynch.

Twenty-three of the forty-five states that have corporate income taxes now have combined reporting and numerous other states are considering it.

“If Rep. Vukmir is concerned about jobs moving out of state, why did she vote against the America Jobs Act?  She had an opportunity last session to vote for a bill which requires state contracts to be performed by U.S. companies and prohibits contracts from going to companies that send jobs overseas, but she voted against it.” asked Lynch.

“Representative Leah Vukmir is trying to hide her extreme record.  She tried to do the same with Harley Davidson even after the CEO said combined reporting had nothing to do with their recent business decisions,” said Lynch.

“Voters won’t be fooled by these desperate tactics.  They know Representative Vukmir’s extreme positions that would open up corporate tax loopholes, stop the most promising stem cell research and allow people to carry concealed weapons into daycare centers, healthcare clinics and churches aren’t right for the 5th Senate District,” concluded Lynch.

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