Frank Lasee: Is He Lying? Or Is He Lying?

Oct 06, 2010

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Frank Lasee:  Is He Lying?  Or Is He Lying?

His Campaign Says One Thing, His Ethics Forms Say Another

MADISON – Frank Lasee’s campaign troubles continued to mount this week when he was discovered to have misled either the voters of Wisconsin, or the Government Accountability Board.  According to documents obtained by the State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC), Lasee’s Statement of Economic Interests does not list any income from an employer in 2009 – yet on his website he brags about a job he held in Racine in 2009.

“Either Frank Lasee is lying to the people of the 1st Senate District about his activities in Racine, or he’s lying to the Government Accountability Board,” said SSDC Communications Director Carrie Lynch.  “Either way, he owes the voters an explanation.”

A Statement of Economic Interests requires candidates to list employers from whom they have received income of $1,000 or more.  Lasee lists no income over $1,000 from any employers in 2009 in the statement he filed in July of this year.  However, Frank Lasee’s website claims:

After leaving the legislature in 2009, Frank was a Senior Manager with Case New Holland Company, a manufacturer of construction equipment, farm implements and tractors.

“Did Frank Lasee make less than $1,000 as a Senior Manager for a major corporation or did he have the shortest job in history?  You have to wonder if he even worked at Case New Holland,” said Lynch.

“Frank Lasee either lied to the Government Accountability Board or he is lying to voters,” concluded Lynch. 

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