Breaking: Scott Walker Enables Wisconsin Shares Fraud

Oct 16, 2010

Leaves At Least $1.4 Million in Enforcement Money Unspent

MADISON – Scott Walker has blamed the state for fraud in the Wisconsin Shares program but news is breaking that he has failed to staff Milwaukee County’s child care fraud investigation unit and has left at least $1.4 million that could have been used to root out fraud unspent.

The figures were compiled by Milwaukee Rep. Tamara Grigsby, who also found that, in 2008 alone, Walker left $872,000 unspent. This despite the fact that 95 percent of the fraud in the state occurs under Walker’s watch. Thirty-eight other counties in Wisconsin OVERSPENT on their child care programs

Shockingly, in 2009, according to the data that Grigsby compiled, four out of eleven positions in the county’s day care fraud unit were left vacant.

“Scott Walker has failed to police the troubled Wisconsin Shares program and has sought to shift responsiblity, as he does time and again, to others,” Democratic Party of Wiscosin Chair Mike Tate said Sunday. “Walker has left money on the table that could have rooted out corruption. Instead, Walker’s incompetence has merely enabled it.”