Bankrupt: Scott Walker Insults Businesswomen

Oct 12, 2010


Repeates Misleading Claims About His Budget Disaster

MADISON – Scott Walker spoke to a group of businesswomen in Milwaukee this morning, insulting their intelligence by claiming he’s fixed a budget that is at least $7 million in the hole this year, without a corrective action plan, and a 2011 budget that has at least a $30 million deficit.

Speaking to the TEMPO Milwaukee networking group at the Milwaukee Hilton, Walker also refused to explain why his campaign chairman has kept under lock and key a damaging report that shows that Walker has driven Milwaukee County to the brink of bankruptcy.

“Scott Walker thinks he can mislead working women the same way he has misled voters in Wisconsin. His bankrupt leadership has led Milwaukee County to the brink of total disaster. We can’t let him do the same to Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday.

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