Scott Walker: Stop Hiding Mental Health Hospital Obstruction

Sep 27, 2010

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Tuesday called on Scott Walker to cease his obstruction and release a report about conditions at his mental health hospital, where female patients have been raped as a direct consequence of Walker’s policies.

The story has been a road bump during his gubernatorial run so Walker has played politics with his troubled facility, deflecting any criticism that has arisen and spinning outright lies about the cuts in personnel and funding there he has championed.

Last week it was reported that Walker was withholding a report about secure wards at the facility from 2008 that speak to the heart of Walker’s claims that he “did everything” he could at the facility, even though reports are surfacing that staff have for years asked him directly for a secure ward for patients.

“Scott Walker believes he is a law unto himself, immune from any criticism of his actions. Every time one of his failures as a leader is brought to light, he cries “politics,” but it is Scott Walker himself who has by his obstruction been playing politics with Milwaukee County’s most vulnerable population,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Time and again, Scott Walker shows why you just can’t trust him.”

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