The Out-Sorcerer Joins Sean Duffy in Rhinelander to Promote Failed Trade Policies

Aug 24, 2010

Just like Duffy, The “Out-sorcerer” Can Make Wisconsin Jobs Disappear to China, Mexico, India 

Madison— Joining Sean Duffy on his “6 Steps to Nowhere” tour stop in Rhinelander today, the Out-Sorcerer highlighted Duffy’s support for failed trade policies that ship Wisconsin jobs to China. The Out-sorcerer reminded Wisconsin workers and their families that Duffy’s reckless positions would send Rhinelander backwards.

“A vote for Sean Duffy is a vote to send Wisconsin jobs to China,” Democratic Party Chairman Michael Tate said. “It’s downright irresponsible for Duffy to campaign on a reckless trade platform that’s already failed Wisconsin workers and their families.”

Sean Duffy has been a staunch advocate of disastrous trade policies that undercut Wisconsin’s manufacturing base and shipped jobs to China. Hailed a “free-trader” by the Abbotsford Record Review, Sean Duffy even opposes closing the tax loophole for corporations that ship Wisconsin jobs overseas. For his campaign, Duffy pledged to protect these corporate tax breaks that encourage outsourcing, and aggressively opposed legislation in Congress to reform them.

Duffy has been endorsed by the Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which  The AFP convened in Wausau yesterday as part of a national tour funded by profits from offshoring American jobs.



Sean Duffy Pledges To Protect Tax Loopholes For Companies That Ship Job Abroad

Sean Duffy signed a pledge written by the Americans for Tax Reform to oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses. [Americans For Tax Reform, 3/30/10]

In 2007, the Americans for Tax Reform issued a legislative alert making it clear to their pledge signers that if they voted to remove a tax loophole taken by companies that ship jobs overseas it would be a clear and unambiguous violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. [ATR Legislative Alert, 7/25/07]

Sean Duffy Supports Free Trade Agreements That Ship American Jobs Abroad

During an interview with the Abbotsford Record Review, Duffy was called a free-trader when he said Americans should be allowed to compete economically with other nations, including China. [Abbotsford Record Review, 2/17/10]

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