Sean Duffy: Reality Changes as Candidate Shifts Opposition to Social Security, Medicare (7/16/10)

Jul 15, 2010

Flip-Flops Aplenty As Celebrity Hosts Gingrich, Foe of Programs

MADISON – Reality tee-vee star Sean Duffy had been singing the praises for the Republican plan to ration Medicare and end Social Security as we know it.

But now, as he hosts a fundraiser with Medicare and Social Security foe Newt Gingrich Friday, Duffy is singing a different tune.

Duffy’s spokesman claimed in the Wausau Daily Herald yesterday that Duffy does not support a specific plan on Social Security and Medicare. But “Real World”-style video of Duffy shows him praising the Paul Ryan budget that would ration Medicare and turn Social Security over to greedy Wall Street speculators. And Duffy has sought and received the endorsement of Republican groups that champion ending the programs for seniors.

“The very point of Paul Ryan’s reckless budget document is to realize the Republican fantasy of ending Social Security and Medicare,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Either Sean Duffy is not telling the truth when he says he supports the dangerous Paul Ryan plan, or he is just another typical flip-flopping politician. In either case, Wisconsin’s seniors deserve better.”




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HCF Endorsed Candidates Must Support Values of Republican Study Committee. According to Congressional Quarterly, “In order to be considered for a contribution from the HCF, each candidate must fill out a questionnaire and support values consistent with those espoused by the conservative Republican Study Committee. While it is not officially connected to the RSC, the HCF serves as the informal political arm of the House group.” [Congressional Quarterly, 3/10/10]

Republican Study Committee Supports Social Security Privatization. The Republican Study Committee supports the privatization of Social Security and has been praised by another right-wing group for their pro-privatization stance. [Freedom Works Release, 3/1/06]

Republican Study Committee Supports Medicare Privatization. The Republican Study Committee favors an approach similar to Rep. Paul Ryan’s controversial plan to privatize Medicare by replacing it with private vouchers. [New York Observer, 2/6/10]