New Video: Ron Johnson Attends Another Divisive Tea Party Speech, Stays Silent (6/14/10)

Jun 13, 2010

Tea Party Speaker Launches Unpatriotic Attack on President Obama, Saying He Wears  a Turban and Bows to Foreign Leaders


MADISON — Multimillionaire Ron Johnson, Tea Party activist and candidate for U.S. Senate who has spoken at a number of Tea Party rallies, spoke at another Tea Party event in Janesville last week. During his speech, Johnson, who previously said he would bring the Tea Party to the Republican Party, attempted to distance himself from the Republican Party’s endorsement of his campaign, saying:


I think what was most gratifying to me about it is it really wasn’t endorsing me because people don’t really know who I am.”


More troubling however is the new video with Johnson attending the event while a fellow tea partier makes a litany of grievances that includes a divisive attack on the President of the United States, saying President Obama wears a turban and bows to foreign leaders.


Watch the full video of Johnson at the event below:


“Ron Johnson has said he is taking the Tea Party with him to the Republican Party and now he is trying distance himself from the endorsement of the Republican Party in a shameless pander to the extreme, far right,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “The fact that he remains silent in the face of this divisive fringe shows he lacks the courage and independence that Wisconsin voters deserve in a U.S. Senator.”


Tate also challenged Johnson to let voters know whether he agrees with the Janesville speaker or not. Johnson is an unknown to voters on many issues, including the $10 trillion of debt that President George W. Bush handed off to President Obama; the Bush tax cuts for wealthy; unfair trade deals that have shipped Wisconsin jobs overseas; the U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited spending by corporations in elections; and how he would fund the Iraq and Afghanistan wars without further adding to the deficit.