FACT CHECK: Double Talker Scott Walker Touts Parks in Ads, Neglects Them in Reality (6/1/10)

May 31, 2010

MADISON – Scott Walker’s latest campaign commercial praises the condition of the Milwaukee County Parks System as a reason voters should support him for governor, yet an expose by WTMJ-TV yesterday reveals how park mismanagement resulted in overflowing trash and disgusting conditions this Memorial Day weekend. 

Walker Campaign Ad “Results” (5/14/10) :

“They say you can’t cut waste without sacrificing services, they’re wrong…we even won the gold medal for best parks in the country.”

WTMJ, “Celebrations Leave Parks Trashed” (5/31/10):

“There has been a lot of garbage this weekend, and County Executive Scott Walker tells me they’re understaffed.”

Under Walker’s reckless mismanagement and failed leadership, more than $275 million in much needed maintenance to park facilities has been deferred.

This isn’t the first time Walker has made outlandish claims in his campaign commercials that haven’t been backed by facts.  His brown bag themed ads were exposed to be shamelessly hypocritical as he feted his fatcat donors with $2,000 dinners at posh restaurants.

“While Scott Walker talks about creating jobs, the people of Milwaukee County have to live with the consequences of the jobs he has eliminated,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate, “from the courthouse to the Parks Department, Scott Walker’s mismanagment is undeniable.”