New Video Reveals Ron Johnson Campaign Misleading Media (5/26/10)

May 25, 2010

 Ron Johnson Caught on Video Ripping Down Opponent’s Signs, Campaign Manager Misleads Media

MADISON — Multimillionaire Tea Partier Ron Johnson’s views on ‘freedom’ apparently don’t extend to his Republican opponents.  At last weekend’s Republican convention in Milwaukee, Johnson was caught on video ripping down signs for his opponent – and fellow multimillionaire – real estate developer Terrence Wall.  In the video released yesterday, a Johnson aide also tears down and trashes a sign for Johnson’s other primary opponent Dave Westlake.

According to an interview Johnson’s aide Juston Johnson gave to Madison’s WTDY yesterday regarding the incident, the aide said that “The sign was temporarily moved…” 

However, in a new video released today, multimillionaire Johnson, Juston Johnson and other staff are seen walking away from the area and not replacing either Wall’s sign or the crumpled up Westlake sign.

“The tape doesn’t lie.  But apparently Johnson’s campaign does,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “Ron Johnson has said ‘I’m happy to associate myself with the people of the Tea Party’ — who carry signs calling President Obama a “Radical Muslim” and “Fake President”but when it comes to signs for his opponents, that’s where he draws the line.” 

Below is a sampling of criticism in the media and on blogs that Johnson received for his actions over the weekend.

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